An initiative in the Sari Pan Pacfic hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia

An interesting initiative from Jakarta, indonesia. The Sari Pan Pacific hotel, part of the Pan Pacific hotel group, has conducted, in April 2008, the Green Globe Program and will distribute trees to their employees to be planted at their homes.

“This Environmental Care Program is our contribution to create a greener living environment. We hope that this program can inspire and motivate people to increase their awareness of caring for their environment and protect the Earth.”said Sisa Primashinta – Public Relations Manager of the Hotel.

This program is actually split within the year. The tress will be given to the employees on the occasion of their birthdays, retirement, weddings etc.

Seven variants of trees will be distributed: Pinus Mercusii, Zorrea, Syzygium polyanthum, Nepheliunt logans, Baringtonia Asiatica, Stelechocarpus burahol and Filicium Decipiens.

This is supported by the Green Globe Environmental Program.

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