UK official criteria on eco-tourism

Interestingly enough, there are many many criteria for eco-tourism that we have posted earlier on this blog – we are trying to be as comprehensive as possible thus we are sharing with you the , the UK green tourism Business Scheme criterias; we think they are both extremely relevant and comprehensite thus might be the basis of what we will work on in the next few weeks to build

Compulsory – compliance with environmental legislation and a commitment to continuous improvement in environmental performance

Management and Marketing – demonstrating good environmental management, including staff awareness, specialist training, monitoring, and record keeping

Social Involvement and Communication of environmental actions to customers through variety of channels and range of actions, e.g. green policy, promotion of environmental efforts on the website, education, and community and social projects

Energy – efficiency of lighting, heating and appliance, insulation and renewable energy useWater – efficiency – e.g. good maintenance, low-consumption appliances, flush offset, rainwater harvesting, as well as using eco-cleaners

Purchasing – environmentally friendly goods and services, e.g. products made from recycled materials, use and promotion of local food and drink, and use of FSC wood productsWaste – minimisation by encouraging, the ‘eliminate, reduce, reuse, recycle’ principle, e.g. glass, paper, card, plastic and metal recycling; supplier take-back agreements; dosing systems; and composting

Transport – aims to minimise visitors car use by promoting local and national public transport service, cycle hire, local walking and cycling option, and use of alternative fuels

Natural and Cultural Heritage – on site measures aimed at increasing biodiversity, e.g. wildlife gardening, growing native species, nesting boxes, as well as providing information for visitors on the wildlife on and around the site

Innovation – any good and best practice actions to increase a business’s sustainability that are not covered else where

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