Friday, June 1, 2012

Nature at it's best

Hi readers,

Today I will be sharing some of the most beautiful scenery photos taken by photography enthusiasts, which are uploaded onto pinterest, a virtual version of a personalized pinboard where members share photos.

Personally, I feel that these photos really brought out the beauty of nature and it is something that we, as human beings, should really appreciate before they are gone..

Phuket, Thailand

Lord Howe Island, Australia

Chartreuse Regional Nature Park, France

Hanging Lake in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, South Africa

Lofoten Islands, Norway

Cherry Blossom Lake, Taiwan

There are of course more photos that were uploaded and it will take forever to upload all of them here. Do you find them captivating? 

Fact is, because such sceneries are highly sought after by visitors, it is saddening that litter gets left behind when they do visit the place. 

Here is one example:

Playa Ascension, Curacao

Like the other beautiful beaches, this place used to shine with charm and is one of the top turtle breeding areas in Curacao. However over the years, trash is left behind by visitors and eventually accumulated to knee deep levels. Poor turtles now have limited places for them to breed! The locals are currently in the midst of cleaning up beaches like these but there still many left to be cleared.

When beaches get polluted with litter and harmful materials, it endangers marine life as well because sea water gets contaminated. Innocent sea creatures consume these harmful litter and as a result, they get poisoned and perish. 

Spinner Dolphins at Maldives

Imagine these dolphins would cease to exist if beaches are not well maintained. 

So think twice when you visit the golden sandy beaches next time and treat these places with care.

Unfortunately, seas and beaches are not the only scenic places that gets polluted. As the saying goes 'Out of sight, out of mind'. Hidden spots such as the hills and jungles often gets litter due to human activities like hiking and biking too. Many people are unaware that when there is a heavy rainfall, these litter can still be washed down the hills and flow through the river streams, eventually ending up polluting the nearby lakes. The Naini Lake in Nainital, India, is one example of a lake that is polluted due to mainly tourism activities.

All these pollution caused have raised many concerns regarding tourism and its providers, especially those that are located right in the forestry areas or sea front line resorts and hotels. The good news is, these concerns have turned into actions in which many tourism providers are amending their operations to be more environmentally friendly.

Coincidentally, I happened to see this comic illustration on 9gag today.

Hope you get the drift. Play your part in protecting the environment by being a responsible traveller before it's too late.

Here at Greenty, we give recognition to accommodation providers which take pride in reducing any environmental impacts whenever possible.

Here are the list of hotels and resorts rated this week:

Sarara Camp
Papillote Wilderness Retreat
Tamarind Tree Hotel and Restaurant
Hotel Rural Quinta de Bispos
Balenbouche Estate
Fond Doux Holiday Plantation
Hog Hollow Country Lodge
Hotel Posada del Valle
Agroturismo Can Marti
L'Ayalga Posada Ecológica
Finca al-manzil
Finca De Arrieta
Granada Vacation Rentals
Ecohotel la Correa
El Bancalillo
Ca'n Verdera
Son Bernadinet
Hotel Casa Camper
Jetwing Lighthouse
Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport
Novotel Bangna Bangkok
Novotel Phuket Resort
Dalyan Queens Hotel
Club Afrodit
Atami Hotel
Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort
Alveston House Hotel
The Cavendish London Hotel
Cedar Manor Hotel
Chatsworth Hotel
Chewton Glen Hotel
Combe House Hotel
Crieff Hydro Hotel
The Howard
Greenbank Hotel
Green Lawns Hotel
Langdale Hotel
Langdale Hotel
Longmynd Hotel
Huntingtower Hotel
Draycott Hotel
The Zetter Hotel
Rufflets Country House Hotel
Atholl Palace Hotel
Battlesteads Hotel
Best Western Edinburgh Capital
Best Western Edinburgh City
Budock Vean Hotel Ltd
De Vere Carden Park Hotel Golf Resort Spa
Careys Manor Hotel
Crown Spa Hotel
Dunstane City Hotel
The Esplanade Hotel
Lancaster London
Lysses House Hotel

Have a good day!

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