Friday, February 24, 2012

Greening Australia

When one thinks of rugged terrains, crystal clear blue waters, dry deserts and lush green reserves, Australia pops into mind – having been the home of a variety of flora and fauna as well as vistas that breathtakingly capture the beauty of Mother Nature. The beauty of the Australian Outback has been the backdrop of so many Hollywood movies and television shows that it is really a must-visit location for your next family holiday, adventure travel or honeymoon! With the varying landscape comes a host of different accommodations that one can pick out from the dozens of different eco-friendly hotels and resorts dotting the “Land Down Under”.

If you are looking for a mix of powdery white sand beaches and amazing wildlife and plant species, then Cape Cassini Wilderness Retreat in Stokes Bay would be a perfect hideaway complete with snorkelling and bird watching activities. Business travelling can also be a breeze in Australia, mixing both relaxation and work, most especially in Perth! The Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle offers guests two outdoor swimming pools, a gymnasium and handful of spas while just being 20 minutes away from the central business district of Perth.  Itching to do your own safari at the sight of red sandy dunes? Then Gunya Titjikala, 120 km south of Alice Springs, would provide you with top-of-the-line desert safari tents, majestic views and great aboriginal tours.

Australia’s mix of the sublime and the rugged makes for a beautiful and awe-inspiring trip that would surely be memorable for travellers visiting this island-nation. Its captivating horizon of beautiful sights and sounds is bursting at the seams with what most people would call “paradise on earth”. And staying in these places does not only give visitors comfort and luxury, but also a bigger role in preserving the beauty of the Australian landscape.

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