Thursday, December 22, 2011

Green Ho Ho Ho(tels) Around The World.

Ever wondered about the mystical Nicaragua? How about a laid back and peaceful holiday in Switzerland? What about the unknown and vibrant Slovenia? To spice things up a little, let’s throw in unique Morocco to the hat, along with exotic ArgentinaWith the festive season just around the corner, people are probably making plans to travel. In a bid to help you travel green, below are green hotels from the various countries mentioned, and hopefully these green hotels will appeal to you!

Picture courtesy of   Lahuen-Co Eco Lodge & Spa Termal website

For a really green travel, look no further than the Lahuen-CoEco Lodge & Spa Termal in Argentina. This eco-lodge was designed to be eco-friendly, and allows guests to enjoy a luxurious yet green holiday. Lahuen-Co Eco Lodge & Spa Termal is powered partially by solar and hydro-electrical energy, while water is reused. Guests are requested to refrain from bring non-biodegradable materials, keeping in line with Lahuen-Co Eco Lodge & Spa Termal’s green policies.

Picture courtesy of Eco Hotel Locanda del Giglio website

Not too interested in travelling over to South America? Well then, how about a relaxing trip high up in the mountains in Switzerland. Hidden away from the buzzing city, Eco Hotel Locanda delGiglio promises to redefine your definition of peace with a green perspective. Enjoy the freshness of the air, and embrace the organic meals served at Eco Hotel Locanda del Giglio. Interested in starting a business? Perhaps consider the areas nearby Eco Hotel Locanda del Giglio, as Eco Hotel Locanda del Giglio promises to support sustainability and patronise local start-ups nearby.

Turning the style up, Bohinj Park Eco Hotel has to be mentioned if one ponders about the yonder within Slovenia. Featuring state of the art facilities which aid green initiatives, Bohinj Park Eco Hotel is definitely worth a visit for visitors interested in going on a green holiday! This 5 star hotel has invested heavily in alternative energy systems, with an energy well used in heating up of the hotel. Bohinj Park Eco Hotel also emphasises on proper cleaning procedures, stating that cleaning products may be bio degradable, but not all are eco-friendly, and that cleaning should strictly be done with eco-friendly products only.

Picture courtesy of  Touda Ecolodge website

Moving on, it gets greener and greener! This time, in Morocco, is the critically acclaimed Touda Ecolodge. As with all eco-lodges, Touda Ecolodge too has energy saving implementations like energy efficient lightings, solar power, and low flush toilet to say the least. What makes Touda Ecolodge stands out is its commitment to the environment, with the planting of at least 2200 almond trees. This is done with the hope of limiting soil erosion, and giving the area around Touda Ecolodge a green and lush outlook.

Saving the best for the last, I am delighted to be able to present to you La Mariposa Eco Hotel. This hotel tries its best to provide comfort for guests, but ultimately warns guests that the premise is extremely eco-conscious, and is limited in its facilities. La Mariposa Eco Hotel runs solely on solar power, with the energy stored in batteries. Energy depletion is a real threat, and guests are encouraged to practise energy saving habits while staying at La Mariposa Eco Hotel. Almost all items are recycled, and mostly are as decorative items.

So there you have it, another 5 green hotels to consider for a green holiday trip. Below are other recent hotels evaluated by me, and hopefully they could be of interest to you! Merry Christmas, and have a happy holiday!

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