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Now, what crosses your mind upon the mention of Bali? Pristine stretches of white sandy beach? Rolling waves of sparkling cerulean sea? Foreign tourists surfing from sunrise to sunset and then off to some cursing on the night-clubs-packed streets? Think again. The island is home to a wide range of natural treasures, including lush expanses of mountainous forests as green as emerald, sloping down gently to reveal magnificently terraced rice fields - with their yellowish, humble paddy shoots nodding sleepily under the gentle nudge of the occasional sea breeze. The air is ripe with hopeful serenity, the scent of freshly cut wild grass, and the ever-prevalent whiff of burnt incense from last night's prayer offerings. As opposed to the festive seashore, perhaps there is almost nowhere else on earth as spiritually soothing and as invigoratingly greener (literally and figuratively) as Balinese mountain side. Among those seizing the opportunity to offer ecotourism experience to environmentally-conscious travelers is the new Bali EcoVillage - an eco-lodging project set up amidst the isolation of Bali's tropical greens. Bali Eco Village is committed to give you an experience like no other resort will offer. Geared towards cultivating your spiritual development and environmental awareness, staying in Bali Eco Village is like embarking on a peaceful spiritual retreat that will synchronize your yin and yang after extended exposure to the hustle-and-bustle of the stressful city life. Do enjoy a weekend or two here to get the most out of your holiday break! Here are some of the resort's ecological engagement :

Created using natural materials and employing traditional craftsmen, Bali Eco Village aims to be a completely sustainable tourism facility that will enhance the environment and show villagers and guests a new way of moving towards a sustainable future.

The resort is working towards complete self-sustainability. Buildings are almost entirely built from bamboo combining experimental with age old techniques.

Giving back to the community is a large part of the purpose of Bali Eco Village where we provide employment opportunities, training and education. The education vision is for a future that is sustainable in order to preserve this unspoilt environment.

Water for cooking, bathing and drinking is all locally sourced and the water for the gardens recycled. The river itself has been used to harness energy that is distributed to different parts of the resort.

An organic farm provides the vegetables for the resort and free-range pigs and chickens are raised for use in the restaurant.

Waste management: Bali Eco Village utilises waste segregation and works hand in hand with Eco Bali collecting and recycling the waste. We inform and make local villagers sensitive to waste management so that these skills become part of their daily lives.

And the list of the resort's top activities :

horse riding, jungle-trekking, bathing in the sacred river, practicing traditional offerings, organic gardening, visiting waterfalls, elephant riding, tree-top adventures, outdoor cycling, and many more. Yoga classes and spiritual meet-ups are frequently conducted, and there are plenty of opportunities to interact with like-minded travelers from all over the world.

Still more delish goodness :

The resort is armed with longtime experience with hospitality and homegrown cuisine. Their chef will tempt you every day with his homemade breakfast (breads, jams, fresh fruit, juices, cereals, yogurt and eggs), a menu full of Mediterranean and Asian dishes, home made pastas, bread and focaccia and delicious cakes and desserts.

The organic gardens and green houses that provide our vegetables will be pleased to let you pick them up for your own salad!

Guests at our Ecolodge have plenty of comfortable places for sitting, play together or relaxing. Their living salon, lushly furnished with sofas, chairs and tables is perfect for reading and writing and enjoy the fireplace. Have some binoculars close by to check out the bird that just perches on top of the tree next to you. Observe the biggest world butterfly’ Atlas’’ by night. Relax on their 400 square meters terrace where you can enjoy offerings of afternoon teas served with homemade cakes and biscuits, or star watching at night in front of the terrace!

Choice of accommodation comes in the form of full bungalow or standard room option.

Visit baliecovillage for more details.

For more ideas on eco tourism, visit the greenty website.


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