Monday, September 29, 2008

Pamela Anderson also on for eco-tourism ;-) !

The eco-tourism really spreads across borders, industries and styles ;-)

Guess what ? The Movie and TV star Pamela Anderson is building an eco-friendly hotel ...

And Guess Where ? In Abu Dhabi !

Apparently, the star actress fell in love with the city when she went there recently on a charity trip. She stressed that the royal family of Abu Dhabi asked her to become a hotelier. From what we heard from the press, she said: "I'm building a hotel there. It is environmentally friendly. I went there with the Make a Wish Foundation and met some great people there. The royal family was really friendly. It's built with no fossil fuel at all in Abu Dhabi where they have all that oil." 

Well, why not ... At least this will bring some positive communication to the sector !!!

Good Luck Pamela !

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shamraiz said...

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